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13 Reason Why You Should Not Watch Season 4 Of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’

13 Reasons Why is all set to release its Season 4 next month. So far, 13 Reasons Why has garnered a good deal of viewership and appreciation from the critics & in short, it is a quite successful drama. But many people have a very unsettling feeling about this teen drama.

Here we would try to explore those narratives and reasons which put forward the argument that why you should not watch Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why.

It Could Produce An Unsettling Feeling!

There is something melancholic about the drama because of its continuous adult offending storyline and suicide depicting which leaves your feeling unsettled for some moment.

Too Much Of Suicide!

This drama has aroused many controversies because it somehow romanticized the thought of suicide. So in Season 4, you may come across such a morbid thing to watch.

Graphic Content!

All the three seasons of 13 Reasons Why has adult content which not everyone could digest. So if watching dark those graphic contents are not your cup of tea then you should not watch Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why.

Too Much Emotional Attachment!

If you have loved 13 Reasons Why so far then you would like to think twice before watching the final instalment of this drama. It is obvious that creators would maximize the grandiosity of the drama in Season 4.

It Could Be A Complete New Show!

The show has lost some significant characters, who were the poster casts of Season 1, as the story proceeds. So Season 4 would introduce some new characters out of the blue which could arise a sense of unfamiliarity in viewers.

How Mundane It Would Be Without Hannah!

Hannah Baker was the main character of Season 1 and it is an undeniable fact that the picture which has been printed on the minds of large viewers of 13 Reasons Why is of Hannah Baker and the autobiographical narrative of her misfortune. So before watching Season 4 just think about the fact that it would not have Hannah Baker in it.

That’s all but it is up to you whether to watch Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why or not.

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