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3 Celebrity Weddings Providing Inspiration To Couple

A total of 2,126,126 weddings took place in the United States in 2019, with the average wedding cost hovering at around $24,675. When it comes to the actual details — the rings, the vows, and the venue — each wedding is unique, and none more so than a celebrity wedding. While not everyone has a celebrity budget, here are just a few celebrity weddings that anyone can draw inspiration from when it comes to those special details involved.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
Actor Neil Patrick Harris tied the knot with long-time partner David Burtka back in 2014 in Italy, surrounded by friends and family. However, perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects about the couple is their engagement story. With Burtka having proposed first on the street corner that the couple met, Harris proposed himself a year later on Valentine’s day. For those looking to get engaged anytime soon, looking for the perfect ring may seem impossible, particularly when it comes to men’s engagement rings. One way to find the right ring is by simply considering the different ring textures that are available, which can suit a myriad of personalities. For example, a sandblasted ring offers a rough appearance, whereas a ring with a matte finish offers a more relaxed look. Burtka and Harris wore their engagement rings for years before finally tying the knot: a testimony to why finding the right engagement ring is important.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married in a multi day celebration in Mumbai, India, and Jodhpur, India in late November/early December of 2018. While the wedding was planned in just two months, it included three wedding receptions. However, despite the lavishness of it all, the wedding perfectly honored both Chopra’s Indian culture, and Jonas’ religious upbringing, making it a great inspiration to couples who may wish to do the same and celebrate both partners’ backgrounds.
Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi
Despite getting married over ten years ago, back in 2008, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi’s wedding is certainly one for the books when it comes to inspiration. This is primarily because the couple got married in an intimate ceremony at their home, with only 19 guests — a timeless and perfect idea for those who wish to surround themselves with only the closest of loved ones. The couple also had handwritten vows, which goes a long way in adding a special and intimate touch to any wedding.
For those who are planning on getting married soon, figuring out the details may be a bit challenging. However, by drawing inspiration from certain celebrities, you can easily incorporate thoughtful ideas — whether it be incorporating both partners’ backgrounds, or handwriting your vows.

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