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365 Days 2: 4 Reasons To Not Wait For The Sequel And Cancel It!

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You must be familiar with the objectively corny as hell movie highlighting over the top 10 list of Netflix. This extremely explicit movie is going to get a sequel and thanks to the major cliffhanger which left the fans thinking what will happen next?

Reasons To Not Wait For The Sequel Of The Movie

But still, there are some reasons that we should not be thinking about getting sequels and do not expect any more from the creators of the movie:

  • Well, it will involve the wedding according to the title of the novel. Where the brother of Massimo and Laura will be kidnapped again by another mobster. But coronavirus putting the filming on hold might kill the chances of getting over a sequel.
  • We did not really like the whole concept, plot or storyline, and took it as a remake of “fifty shades of grey” only so if the movie continues for the next part then there are possibilities of the audience not giving it a chance to even watch.
  • There are many notices of banning and legal orders regarding the movie spoiling the whole experience of viewers by there some out of the way and extremely nasty scenes.
  • To be honest there is not much left in the movie to watch and there are chances that Netflix might change its decision and cancel the whole sequel planning because there are more in-line shows as well as movies to shoot and premiere.
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So this is all we can say by now and it is totally Netflix’s decision about giving/not giving this movie any second chance. We at “The Buzz Paper” will keep you updated with all the latest happenings!

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