365 Days 2: Have Makers Dropped Any Details?

365 Days 2
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365 Days or as many are saying the “Polish version of 50 Shades Of Gray” second installment has been announced.

Yes, you read it right. Season 2 Shooting was meant to start this summer but sadly that couldn’t happen, you know because of the lockdown, shooting has been postponed and will start as soon as things go back to normal or even near normal.

It is also assumed that there will be 3 parts of 365 Days as the book, this movie is based on has 2 more novels, it is being believed that it will also become a trilogy of films. The author of the book is Blanka Lipinska.

In a Q&A Anna Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska, when asked told that it will be too dangerous in such a situation to fly to another country, so the viewers have to be patient and they do not know exactly when the shooting will start.

365 Days 2: When Will It Release On Netflix?

As there is no official announcement regarding the release date, we don’t know any exact date on when the shooting will start or the movie will release, but it is assumed that we will have to wait till at least 2022.

356 Days 2: What We Can Expect From The Second Installment?

At the end of 365 days, it was shown that Laura was dead and Massimo was shattered, but while answering the Q&A the actress playing Laura said “we” which indicates that maybe Laura isn’t dead and maybe we will see Massimo in his beast mode while trying to find out what happened to Laura and where she is. One of the possibilities is that she is dead and will just appear in flashbacks or dreams, but it is more likely that they won’t kill Laura as her and Massimo’s chemistry and hot steaming Love was loved by the viewers.

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Part 2 won’t be disappointing us, as in the book Laura is seen captured by another rival gang. So let’s just wait cause it is a long way ahead for Massimo and Laura.

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