365 Days 2: Is Sequel Happening At Netflix?

365 Days 2
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365 Days has been one of the top-watched movies on Netflix since its release on the platform. The movie performed quite well not only in the country of origin but also globally. Fans of the show would be thrilled to know that, the movie is actually based on the book series of the same name by Blanka Lipinska. She is also a part of the cast in the movie, to be precise she plays the role of a bride.

After a mesmerizing success on Netflix, it has been renewed for the sequel. Here’s all about it.

365 Days Sequel!

365 days left the movie on a bit of a cliffhanger, with the car going into the tunnel and us thinking that its the end for Laura. However, we were left hanging on our assumptions until they are finally put to rest in the upcoming sequel. Yes, we have have been notified that a sequel is under development. In fact, we believe that it is going to be a trilogy as the book also has three parts.

365 Days 2: When Will It Arrive On Netflix?
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As per the report, the production on the sequel was set to begin by this Summer. However, due to the sudden outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, it had to be postponed until further notice. Till now there has been no notification of resuming the production, though we hope to see it back on tracks until the end of this year.

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When would the sequel release?

Well, Netflix or any other associated company has not said anything about the release date of the movie. However, basing it on present situations, it just might not be able to make it before late 2021 or perhaps 2022.

What about the plot?

If you have any idea about the books then you will know that Laura survives through the tunnel. I will not spoil the rest for you. Just know that if they go according to the source material then it is going to be interesting.

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