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365 Days 2: Michele Morrone AKA Massimo! Will He Return For ‘Ten Dzein’?

365 DNI (365 Days in English) has been an astonishing super hit for Netflix and its cherished scenes occupy all of preference and stimulation. This polish movie is climbing the charts on Netflix and people are very much watching it. The movie ended at a huge cliffhanger with “Laura Biel” (Anna Maria Sieklucka) entering a tunnel in her car and not coming out of it, the ending has left fans wondering if she is alive or dead?

365 DNI is a polish novel and the name of the author of this book “BLANKS LIPINSKI”. It’s has written two more books on the same storyline. Which revolves around the steamy love affairs and toxic relationship between Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (MICHELE MORRONE).


“Michele Morrone” as Massimo is super hot sexy dashing Hollywood new face beginning male star. But that very dangerous scary punk.

“Michele Morrone” is a 29-year-old sexy hot Italian actor model and singer Who is born in Italy in a Christian family.

“Michele Morrone” is a professional guitarist and he is also a singer. His most famous song is “Feel It” that got promoted in 365 Days. And he is also made his own album name “DARKROOM”. Some of his famous songs include,
“Hard For Me,”
“Watch Me Burn”,
“Do it Like That”,
“Rain in The Heart” and more.

Michele has over 453,000 subscribers and 52 million overall views on his YouTube channel (as of June 24, 2020). He started his own YouTube channel on January 16, 2020, and his channel gained more popularity because of his songs, especially “Feel it” that has gained over 19 million views As of now.

Ten Dzein: What’s It All About

Laura becomes pregnant and she is ready to marry Massimo but she gets kidnapped by Massimo’s rival Mafia. And let me tell you one thing, the first book ends where laura tells Massimo that she is pregnant and is later abducted…but she is still alive and safe, the second book titled ‘Ten Dzein’ will address the story from the same point where it stopped in the first installment.

So far no official announcement regarding its sequel has been made, and the fans are still waiting for an official word on the sequel.

What happens next will be known only after seeing it. But we know that many more things are yet to come, with a lot of action drama and intimate love scenes involved, and more drama is introduced between Laura and Massimo.

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