365 Days 2: Sequel Plans Revealed! Here’s When It Might Release

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365 Days have been liked by its fans a lot and soon after it was released on 7 June the fans have been asking about its sequel.

Ten Dzein the second part

365 Days is based on the first book of the polish book trilogy with the same name as 365. The second book is called Ten Dzein which means ‘this day’ in English. As the first part had left a lot of mysteries that whether Laura was dead or not if she is not dead then where is she now who has taken him will Massimo be able to find her or not the viewers have a lot of questions.

Story of Ten Dzein

The second part starts from where the first part ended. Massimo is finding Laura and wants her that she is safe and wants to know who kidnaps her and where is she now. The third part shows that they have got married and Laura gets pregnant and shot by a gun and Massimo has to decide that whether he wants to save the baby or Laura but it is still suspense that whether the two other parts will be released separately or will be merged into one.

After seeing the good responses of the first part it is not a doubt that the other two parts will also come. But when now yet no one knows.

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The cast of the second part will remain the same will pubic will again be charmed by Massimo and laura’s intensity everyone is waiting for the 2nd part as they want to see this type of chemistry and an intense movie again. That’s all for now well will tell you the updates as soon as it comes.

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