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365 Days: A Overrated Movie Certainly Not For Teenagers! Complete Review

365 Days a movie that is been liked by almost all the audiences. A man who falls in love with a girl and kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. A movie is full of physicality and intensity. But let me ask you a question is something like this can happen in reality can thing like this still exists I don’t think so.

365 Days Movie: Complete Review

Does this movie is so good that it deserves all the appreciation that it’s getting or is it Overrated? I think this movie is a part of fiction and does not exist in reality. And yes according to me it is Overrated it does not deserve so much appreciation that it is getting.

Now let’s talk about teenagers, is it a movie is for teenagers also? I don’t think so because teenagers learn a lot from movies and at their age, they should view something which is real and from which they can learn something.

The kind of intensity and physicality this movie has only left a negative impact on the teenagers but they are watching it and fanaticizing the things which they should not.

This is a work of fiction and it has to do nothing with the reality yes adults can go and watch it and gave fun but not the children or teenagers.

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Yes, this movie is good I do not doubt that but not for the teenagers because in their age they will capture the things they see any that will not have a good impact on them and talking about Overrated yes it is Overrated it does not deserves a much appreciation as it is getting. That’s all from my side now it’s up to you that you consider my reviews or not.

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