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365 DAYS, Making, Behind The Scenes, Spills On The Details

365 Days, often referred to as the Beauty and the Beast of the new era. Although the movie is quite heavily criticized by the critics, it is one of the top movies on Netflix. Despite all that criticism that you might read, none of the aesthetic boundaries was crossed during the filming. One might think that making such an erotic movie with not much of a plot is easy but it is the opposite, especially for the cinematographer and the director. They have to pay special attention during the intimate scenes that it looks authentic without crossing the thin line.

Here are some stories from backstage.

On an online interview, Michele Morrone (Massimo) was asked if those intimate scenes were real because it looked real. He handled it quite well by saying that it looked real because they played their parts quite well as actors.

A fan posted that clip on twitter.

The cast also had a lot of fun while filming the movie they also went on places to visit.

Here’s a video of behind the scenes, feel free to feast your eyes.

Talking about the filming you must know about the strategies that were put into use for filming such real intimate scenes. To give the actors a sense of comfort, the camera was used as much invisibly as possible. Moreover, the onset crew was also minimized as much as it could be. Well, to make it look more real, they had to make extra efforts in getting those heavy breaths, slight whispers, and close facial expressions. After all, that’s what fills life into them.

It sure was a challenge for the Director of Photography to bring authenticity without breaking the thin ice. In a conversation with the director Barbara, they discussed how they wanted to keep it in boundaries in the meanwhile do justice to the book.

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