365 Days: Michele Morrone Answers To Haters! Plus Sequel Updates

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As we know, the popular film 365 Days has earned a huge fan-following, since the time it was aired. It touches a wild and steamy romance between a menacing member of the mafia named Massimo and a girl named Laura, that has activated lots of gossips including over topics such as glamourization of kidnapping, and Stockholm Syndrome among spectators. The movie stars Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka as the main lead and the scene is set on the stunning locations.


Michele Morrone, starer 365 Days, has made the confirmation related to the sequel of the show. Despite the detractors, signing the petition to have it removed from Netflix, the show will be landed on the popular platform, Netflix.


The movie 365 Day has landed over high voltage of gossips and questioned the way it was shot and how the two stars played their parts in the film. As seen on screen, the show reported with lots of intimate 365 Day scenes that sometimes go overdosed. There were huge questions framed in the minds of the audience, given the examples of realism, if the intimate scenes were real.

Due to these gossips, one of the film’s fans on Twitter shared a live video interview in which Michele Morrone took the part. In that video, the interviewer interrogates Morrone if those movie segments of the were real, for which the actor Michele Morrone laughs and asks her if they looked real. She said how the chemistry between himself and Anna looked real in the movies.

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Michele also said that the scenes looked real because they were good with their acting. Morrone also confirms that it was not real and they just acted the way they were demanded with. He also said that it was not an unrealistic question and that he has had many people telling him that it looked real to them.

Well, let the critics frame their views, till then keep yourself safe and do read us.
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