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5 Alternative Of PUBG Mobile You Have Never Tried Of

Alternative Of PUBG
Source: Sportskeeda

September 2, 2020, has been a very hard day for all the Indian Pubg players. Since the game has been locked from the Indian stores, as of now, every player feels getting bored thorough out their normal day, which once used to the battle house for all the friends.

But now what? Is this the end of a gamer’s life? No guys. In our normal life, we don’t know when the ongoing plans could get change, so for dealing with these situations we should always work over our Backup Plan also.

I know it’s quite difficult for the players to adjust in other gaming applications but I don’t think so that it is impossible. The article is mainly focused on those players who used to be the part of Pubg once and now missing that battleground. Therefore, I have something exciting to share with you. So let’s start the journey.


So here we are ready to provide you with the latest details that will surely benefit you. The 5 Alternatives of Pubg Mobile are as follows :


The pleasant alternative of Pubg Mobile, ROS provides a maximum of 300 players in just one ground.


The second alternative of Pubg Mobile can be Black Survival, which serves to be an incredible ground to play the game.

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The third alternative of Pubg Mobile can be counted as Knife Out that lets multifunctional and multiplayer game.

4. Free Fire

The fourth alternative of Pubg Mobile is termed as Free Fire that is also addressed as Mini Pubg as it contains all the versions of Pubg Mobile.

5. Last Day On Earth

The fifth and the last alternative of Pubg Mobile is termed as Last Day On Earth which deals with the survival of zombies and players.

Thus, as of now, I have given the complete alternatives for the Pubg Mobile. Now it’s your part to choose your game and get back to your normal battleground.

Happy Reading 😉

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