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5 Friendship Rules From Elle And Lee’s The Kissing Booth You Should Promise To Your Bestie This Friendship Day

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Netflix’s superhit and the most-watched movie nowadays! One of my favorites, The Kissing Booth has become quite a rom-com circumstance for everyone.

Everyone is completely obsessed with Elle’s kinda so like herding cats, and wonderful romance with her boyfriend Noah, we’re a little bit more interested in a different and mind-blowing partnership that is Elle’s friendship with Lee.

We really love them, Elle and Lee, and everything about them. Before you think it’s stupid to have a set of rules in friendship, this article might change your mind for once and all.

Below are 5 friendship rules from Elle and Lee’s rulebook which you should make yours and your BFF’s this Friendship Day.

**Let us now know about some more of these unique rules which showed in the entire movie, due to which the movie is so superhit today only and only because of their friendship and their mind-blowing understanding with Elle and Lee.***

Rule No 1

Only your best friend will know about your birthday wish and no one else:

This can be termed as a potential least important from all the friendship rules, which clearly means that this one can or cannot be followed depending upon the person’s self-interest. So very honestly, you will not share your birthday wishes with anyone, otherwise, they will not turn true, but they are your birthday wishes, so you can choose the one you choose.

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Rule No 2

You have to forgive your friend no matter what mistake he/she makes and when he/she gives you ICE-CREAM you will have to forgive him under any circumstances:

We love every thought we get when we bring ice cream to cool down our BFF’s anger. If you friend gives you Ice-Cream then you have to forgive him/her at all costs. Whether HE/SHE made any such mistake or made her/him angry. But Lee proved that ice cream isn’t always the answer and forgiveness isn’t something that can be granted every single time. He didn’t forgive Elle for going behind his back and she dating his elder brother Noah. This is a very sweet idea in theory, but you shouldn’t do anything worse and then keep bringing your BFF ice cream and fix all your mistakes. Your redress should also depend on the strictness of the mistake, not on the fact that your BBF likes ice cream or sweets.

Rule no 3:

Relatives of your best friend are completely off-limits:

Despite stopping the film’s performance in this way, we fully understand the logic behind this rule. Wherever you are with anyone, the family comes first and if you are dating someone in your best friend’s family, then it becomes very awkward for your best friend. This is a good and shrewd rule, but we will accept that you cannot keep track of every awkward situation. And sometimes, the heart wants what it wants actually and is the only way to find much more happiness.

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Rule no 4:

You do not have to share any of your secrets with anyone except your best friend:

There is something we cannot share with anyone. But yes, we can definitely share this with our best friend, no matter how the situation is. You and your best friend can share each other people’s secrets with each other, but your own secrets have to remain holy and untouchable. This is the real endorsement of a good BFF relationship and understanding. And this would be the hallmark of a true friend.

Rule no 5:

You always have to be happy with your best friend’s happiness and success:

This is the biggest and best rule in this movie. The winner for whom the Friendship Rule must be strictly rounded is Rule #18 ‘Always be happy for your BFF successes and happiness.’ I love this rule because it is most important for friendship.

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