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Reality Z Season 1: What Time Will It Premier On Netflix?

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Reality Z is a forthcoming Brazilian horror web series. The zombie annihilation is common in some Television shows and it got conferred according to the occurrence of the show. But have you ever imagine you are restricted in a house and there will be a sudden surge of zombies attacking you. This is what Netflix’s latest reality show “Reality Z ” will illustrate to you in these coming days.

The series hinges on Dead Set by Charlie Brooker. It is written and created by João Costa. Reality Z” is managerial originated by Cláudio Torres and Renata Brandão. Cláudio also contributed the series direction with Rodrigo Monte.


Zombie destruction incarcerated contestants on a Brazilian reality show in a TV studio, where they try to deceive the flesh-eating hordes. where Anna Hartmann/ Nina fight against the monsters.


Anna Hartmann As Nina
Ravel Andrade As Leo Schmidt
Carla Ribad As Ana Schmidt
Jesus Luz As Lucas
Hanna Romanazzi As Jessica
Julia lanina As Cristina
Wallie Ruy As Madonna
Leandro Daniel As Augusto
Guilherme Weber As Brand
Luellem de Castro As Teresa
Gabriel Canella As Marcos


Sabrina Sato As Divina McCall
Leda Nagle As Nora werneck
Pierre Baitelli As Robson

When will the show Air?

The show is forthcoming, so get ready with your Netflix subscription on June,10th,2020. The series consists of 10 episodes with a running time of 40 minutes each. The first collaboration between Netflix and Conspiração, (Brazilian independent producing company that has the highest number of international Emmy nominations in the market) will satisfy the viewer.

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Be ready for the upcoming craziness in June.

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