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Alert Potterheads! Vera Bradley And Warner Bros Team Up For New Harry Potter Merchandises! Deets Inside

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There are so many of us who are crazy about the Harry Potter series. Like whoever has watched it, must have wondered at least for once what it would be like to have a wizardry school like Hogwarts and be a part of it.

Vera Bradley Collabs With Warner Bros. For New Harry Potter Merchandise

Well, there is something that might help you feel what it is like to be a part of the Harry Potter world. Vera Bradley has recently collaborated with the entire Harry Potter universe. That is to be precise, Bradley has launched its new Harry Potter collection.

The collection comprises of everything that a true fan must have dreamt about. It features backpacks, handbags including a  special pocket for the wand, lunch totes, and all other accessories. The collection is divided into four designated houses that is Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw,  Gryffindor, and Slytherin.

It consists of very tiny details such as symbols, ID case,s and also a unique black corduroy for someone like indifferent Potterhead. It is one of the most significant collaborations; Vera Bradley has been a part of. This idea was inspired by the requests made by the fans and associates.

Harry Potter has been a part of our lives since childhood. We all wished while watching the series that maybe our lives shall also get intertwined into something this exciting and adventures. Well, now it is not too late for us to get the essence of that gorgeous dream.

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If not a part of Harry Potter’s world, we can make Harry Potter and Hogwarts a part of our world. Bradley has very much made that possible for us. All these school accessories and backpacks are very much available online at Vera Bradley’s online store. Now we can all rejoice the accessories and be a part of Hogwarts. Stay tuned for further details and updates!