‘Alta Mar’ High Seas Season 3: Official Release Date Revealed On Netflix

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High Seas is a conundrum series arrived on Netflix in May 2019. It is composed by Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neera. The show has 2 seasons which have been fairly average and were dubbed into the English language by Netflix. Fans of the series will receive the show’s third season. The renewal was officially announced in November 2019 and filming for season 3 began in the same month. The show has been scheduled for the August 2020 release.

High Seas Season 3: Production Details

Great news for fans here! In November 2019, a Spanish reporter publish that makers have already started filming High Seas season 3. In fact, it is said that they have also started the improvement of the 4 seasons in installment. The production team behind the series shared that they are set up to produce 16 episodes. These will be further divided into 2 chapters in eight episodes each. As reported, Season 3 of High Seas will premiere on August 7, 2020, so far it is not confirmed will this be the last season or not, but a lot of entertainment and drama is confirmed which the fans will be seeing in Season 3. Until then you can stream 2 seasons of High Seas that are available exclusively on Netflix.

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Fans is hoping that the cast members of last season could be seen in the upcoming season.

José Sacristán
Uncle Pedro

Tamar Novas – Sebastián de la Cuesta

Daniel Lundh – Pierre

Ignacio Montes – Dimas Gómez

Chiqui Fernandez

Laura Prats – Clara

Félix Gómez – Aníbal de Souza

Eduardo Blanco

Claudia Traisac – Casandra Lenormand

Chiquinquirá Delgado – Teresa

Amy Noble – Natalia Fábregas

Luis Bermejo – Carlos Villanueva

Daniel Weyman – Aníbal de Souza

Timothy Bentinck – Capitán Santiago Aguirre

Antony Byrne – Antonio Reyes

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