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Altered Carbon Season 2: 5 Spoiler Leaks Every Fan Should Know Before It’s Arrival

The hit sci-fi on Netflix, Altered Carbon, is all set to lay out its second Season. Based on Richard K Morgan’s novels, after two long years, it is getting premiered this February.

According to Season 2 official logline, Takeshi Kovacs, played by Anthony Mackie, the lone survivor of elite interstellar warriors, continuing his centuries-old quest to find his lost love Quellcrist Falconer, played by Renee Elise Goldsberry. After decades of hoping in different locations, Kovacs finally recruits himself back to his planet that is Harlen’s World, with the promise of finding Quell. While investigating a chain of murders and being haunted by his past, he discovers that his mission to solve the crime and his pursuit to find Quell is the same. With the help of his loyal A.I. Poe, played by Chris Conner, he must solve the mystery of murders and get in-depth of the fact that who is Quellcrist Falconer?

Created by Laeta Kalogridis, there are more fascinating things coming up in upcoming episodes. Kalogridis confirmed that everything might change in the second installment as she wants to surprise the viewers.

Here are five things that every fan should know:

  • Altered Carbon Season 2 is going to air on 27th February, as announced by Netflix.
  • Anthony Mackie shall play the character of Takeshi Kovacs, instead of Joel Kinnaman.
  • Lela Loren would also be joining the cast of Season 2 as Danica Harlen, who is described as the “charming and ambitious” queen of Harlen’s World.
  • There is no official confirmation about the return of Will Yun Lee, but he might return for a recurring role.
  • Season 2 will have fewer episodes compared to the first Season. The first installment had the total number of 10, events but the second installment will have eight episodes.

It is assumed that the second installment won’t be the last one, there are many more to come!

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