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‘American Pie: Girl’s Rules’ A New Trailer For The American Pie Franchise Is Here!

For all the lovely fans of the show, American Pie: Girl’s Rules, the good news is going to hit your doors….do open it up and get set go to catch it…

Global movies have launched the trailer for American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule, the first grand entry in the franchise in the introductory decade as it serves to be the first in the direct to video series since 2009, The Book of Love.

In this special case, we have a female graphed tale, which the show has promised will be making its new path to Netflix soon. As we watch the trailer, it looks previous special launch over the years.

American Pie: Girl’s Rules TRAILERS DESCRIPTION

The trailer depicts the group of girls, who face issues in their love life that continuously makes them baffled in their life. They set upon making formal agreements to solve this issue that leads to many different antics during the show.

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Much of the concentrations are made over the girl’s issues instead of the guys. The plot completely verifies the formal touch with the original American Pie, and there are even some more exciting adventures that will be introduced in the show.

American Pie: Girl’s Rules CAST

Mike Elliott is going to be the director, serving for the script by Blayne Weaver and David H. Steinberg. The entire crew depicts the first new launch in the franchise since the 2012 American Reunion. The main cast includes :

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1. Madison Pettis

2. Lizzie Broadway

3. Piper Curda

4. Natasha Behnam

5. Darren Barnet

6. Zachary Gordon

7. Camaron Engels

8. Christian Valderrama

9. Barry Bostwick

10. Ed Quinn

11. Sara Rue

12. Danny Trejo

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