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Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date?

Animal Kingdom Season 5
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Debuting in the year 2016, Animal Kingdom has become a prominent web series of the crime drama genre over the years. Animal Kingdom could also be regarded as the family drama. This web series is a series adaptation of an Australian film made by David Michod of the same name. Jonathan Lisco is the creator of Animal Kingdom series.

So far, four seasons of this family drama have been released by TNT. The story of Animal Kingdom is about a teenage boy named J who moved with the Cody family after her mother died. The story deals with the rivalry and problems faced by the criminally active Cody family, headed by Smurf Cody. With its engaging plot, Animal Kingdom has become that kind of series about which the audience look forward to.

Season 4 of this crime drama was released in 2019. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season. Here are some of the latest information that you should know.

When Season 5 Of Animal Kingdom Will Release?

As we have mentioned above that Season 4 of this web series was released last year and it has been more than a year and Season 5 has not been premiered so far. Regularly, rumors about the announcement of the release date of Season 5 is appearing on the internet. Although, it is expected that Season 5 will not come out before 2021.

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Has The Filming For Season 5 Been Completed?

In March, like many web series, the filming of Season 5 had to be stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, fortunately, last week the filming has been resumed for Season 5 of Animal Kingdom.

How The Story Will Progress In Season 5?

In the finale of Season 4, a very significant character has died. It would be interesting to see whether Joshua could be able to lead the Cody family, surrounded by enemies, or not.

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