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Animal Kingdom: Season 5? This Is Known About Its Netflix Release

One of the most popular American crime drama series, Animal Kingdom is soon coming up with its fifth season on Netflix.  It has been adapted by Jonathan Lisco from the Australian movie that was released in 2010 under the same title,  directed by David Michod. The series first premiered on 14th June 2016 on the TNT network. Later Netflix acquired the rights of broadcasting the series as an equal distributor of TNT. It is one of the best well-acclaimed drama series that has grossed a lot commercially with a viewership of 40 million.

The series follows the whereabouts of the Cody family. A young teenager named Joshua has to shift in with his long-estranged family, The Codys when his mother dies. The Cody family is a criminal clan that is proceeded by his grandmother Janine Cody. As time goes by, Joshua too gets involved in their business, and his life turns upside down.

Is There An Expected Release Date Of  Season 5?

Nothing has been revealed regarding the release date of Season 5 by any official sources. But an official trailer has been released back in 2019, confirms the fact that the upcoming season is dropping sometime in late 2020. The fifth installment was renewed back in July 2019. But there were no updates about the whereabouts of the production.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire world had been in lockdown for the past few months. All releases and productions were put on hold. But it is safe to say that Season 5 is coming up soon as hinted by the teaser.

Is There An Official Teaser?

An official trailer of Season 5 has been released on  19th August 2019, by TNT and is available on YouTube. It seems that a lot is about to come our way in Season 5. We hope to get some updates soon until then, stay tuned!

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