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Anne With An E: Netflix Should Reconsider The Show For Season 4! We Have A Reason

Anne With An E is a, more precisely was a young adult drama. It is an adaptation from a classic work of literature named Anne of Green Gables. The last season, Season 3, was premiered on Netflix in January this year. It was a great success like its previous two seasons.

The reason behind this success was the unique story of this drama which consists of an orphan girl who was looking for her place in this world. And after that pomp and show, this drama had met its untimely cancellation by the production houses and distributors.

After the cancellation, the fans of this young adult drama is doing everything possible to renew Anne With An E for another season. Here is everything, you should know about the possible renewal chances of this drama.

Why Netflix Had Cancelled This Series?

To talk about its possible renewal shortly, first, let’s a look at the reasons for which this show was cancelled in the first place. It is known that there was some impasse between the CBC and Netflix regarding the distribution of Anne With An E. And later when the fans made a great deal of fuss on Twitter, CBC said that there were not enough viewers of a certain age group; but this was just an excuse.

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Will Netflix Renew Anne With An E For Season 4?

There is no doubt about the massive viewership of this show if it would be renewed for Season 4. The only question that remains is when the creators would renew this television series for another season! In the final episode of Season 3, we have seen that Anne is all set to go to the Queen’s College and it would be very interesting to see how she face her college life. This is another reason to renew this drama for Season 4.

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