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Ares Season 2 On Netflix? Release Date, Cast And Other Major Details

Netflix: Ares Season 2!! Everything we know so far!!

Hence, here you find everything related to the upcoming season of Netflix Horror Series Ares, including release date, cast, and other details.

Netflix Psychological cult drama Ares follows two college freshers in Amsterdam. And these two students have the interest to share an obsession of joining a secret society of students group and that community of students comprises of wealthy and influential people. As well as they both realize soon that these things are not suitable as they seem, but it’s too late for them to get out now.

“Manslaughter” and ‘Nothing to Lose” creator Pieter Kuijpers and again, he is the creator of another Netflix horror series, the Ares, along with Iris Otten and Sander Van Meurs. Ares is that story which is written by Winchester McFly. And the Suspense series directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and Michiel ten Horn, who is best known for ‘De Ontmaagding van Eva van End.’

Firstly, Ares is a Netflix Dutch original that follows the teen students’ college drama The Order and The Society.  And the first season of ‘Ares’ was received with open arms by fans, and they are excited to know Netflix renewed the show for their next installment?? But when?? So for more information regarding Ares’s upcoming Season, stay tuned with us.

When will be Season 2 be released on Netflix?

Although, the first Season of Ares arrived on Netflix this week (17th January 2020). Netflix hasn’t revealed anything related to season 2 of Ares, but after the success of Season first, of Ares, they are definetly think about its next installment. After seeing the renewal journey of the horror series season first, we can expect that season 2 will sometimes arrive in January 2021.

Who is in Cast??

Again there is nothing more revealed about the star cast of Season 2 of Ares, but it’s confirmed that the showrunner Jade Olieberg and her best friend Tobias Kersloot definetly return for the next season.

The main cast members also include ‘Lili’ fame Lisa Smit, ‘Regret!’ fame Robin Boissevain and ‘Van Der Valk’ actor Frieda Barnhard, who plays the shady classmates of Rosa and Jacob are too expected to return for the upcoming season of Ares. So who will return for the show and who isn’t to know we have to wait for the Netflix announcement related to it.

What about the Ares Plot??

Ares’ follows the story of teen student Rosa, who is an ambitious and talented girl, freshly cut off from home, and she chooses her career path in the most beautiful cities in Europe, Amsterdam. Rosa, along with her best friend Jacob, is her batchmate also in college, Amersterdam. The story focussed on the secret society of the students. Therefore, you are excited for the second season of Ares? Firstly go and watch Ares first season and tell us about your excitement in the comment section, respectively.

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