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Ariana Grande Teases A ‘NEW ERA’, #ARIANAISCOMING

Ariana Grande
Source: The Fader

Ariana Grande has taken the social media with the storm by putting a secretive teaser video in the story of her social media account. #ArianaIsComing is trending on Twitter and the social media is swarming with the excited and highly hyped tweets of her followers.

Many are speculating that it is the teaser video of her new album. There are many hints that many fans of this pop singer have noticed in recent days. In the few seconds long videos that this 27-year-old singer has posted on social sites, her melodious voice is audible. The video is captioned ‘brb’. Perhaps the short form of ‘be right back’.

Not only this but many people have also noticed that Twitter’s bio of Ariana Grande has also changed. Previously she had written on it about her collaborative song with Lady Gaga. “Rain On Me”, the song which Ariana Grande has sung with Lady Gaga is no longer visible on her Twitter’s bio. This is also a hint that the stage is now set for a new song or an album.

On September 14, many fans have posted ‘Drop The Album’ on, perhaps, every social media accounts. And now after Ariana Grande has dropped the musical audio on her Twitter’s story, many of her fans are finding it hard to wait for it anymore. It has been over a year since this 27-year-old pop star has dropped any new album.

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Last year, Ariana Grande had released the album named ‘thank you, next’. It was an instant hit as it topped the list of many reputed songs chart. Even this year, in May, Ariana Grande has released “Stuck With U” in collaboration with Justin Bieber.

And her recent story on Twitter is clearly hinting that something is going to coming out very soon. The trend is true, Ariana Is Coming.

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