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Artemis Fowl 2: What Is Known About The Disney+ Sequel?

Artemis Fowl, the sci-fi fantasy movie released on 12th June this year. It is the story of a 12-year-old boy named Artemis Fowl, actually based on the novel series by Eoin Colfer published in 2001. The movie was supposed to be made back in 2001 but had to face the production hell for a decade and a half. However, the movie did happen, it was heavily criticized for deviating from the source material. Moreover, instead of a theatrical release, it was released on Disney+ due to shut down of theatres amid coronavirus pandemic.

Will there be another Artemis Fowl movie?

The next book in the series is Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. There are several factors to see if the next movie could happen. First of all, as it received a digital release and was deviated from the source material, it was not much of financial success. Seeing that the production cost was a heavy 125$ million, Disney might have second thoughts in planning for another movie.

However, now that Artemis is once again united with his father, Disney could resolve to stick to the source material. Hence, take chances with the second movie.

When might the sequel release?

As of now, it is difficult to tell. Assuming that Disney chooses to make the sequel the production could still take a while to start. Though Hollywood is slowly getting back on track for production, starting production for this one could still take a while. If everything comes out to be positive the production might start by 2021 and the release could be set in late 2022.

What might happen in the sequel?

The director of the movie Kenneth Branagh suggests that the movie should get back on the books. He thinks that there are many interesting stories in the book. Thus, if the sequel is made then we can expect the movie to be more set on the source material. However, it will only happen if Disney greenlights the sequel.

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