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Artemis Fowl 2: When Will It Release? What Will Be The Storyline?

Artemis Fowl, the young criminal mastermind on a mission to defeat the greatest threat to his world and the world beneath. This movie released on the 12th of June digitally on Disney+. To he honest, I watched it and did not find it that interesting. In fact, it doesn’t even appeal to me to watch the second part, if made, although ending on a cliffhanger. However, it is not for me to decide if there will be a sequel or not. The power is still with Disney productions right now.

When might the sequel release?

As of now, we do not know if a sequel would even be made let alone its release date. Several critics have criticized it to have deviated a lot from the source material, which is actually true. For those who don’t know, Artemis Fowl is based on the novel series written by Irish writer Eoin Colfer.

Assuming that Disney somehow renews it for a sequel then the production could only start once the pandemic is under control. As the shooting of this movie is done around Europe, one of the badly affected continents by the coronavirus, the production might not begin until mid-2021.

Once the production has begun, it will require about a year and a half to finish up and finally be ready for release. Hence the release date could be set in late 2022. I am positive that it won’t be released before that.

What might happen in the sequel?

Well, if the creators decide to stick to the source material then they might follow the next book in the series, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Well, according to that, once again united with his father and with the knowledge of the fairy realm. Artemis will take on with Opal Koboi. Moreover, being a series of seven books, if this one or perhaps the next one works out, we might have another harry potter kind of thing, who knows.

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