Attack On Titan: Will Season 4 Return Anytime Soon?

Attack On Titan Season 4
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One of the most tops notched dark fantasy anime, Attack On Titan is soon coming up with its fourth and final season on NHK General. Developed by Jun Shishido and Yuichiro Hayashi, is based on the Japanese action manga series by Hajime Isayama, under the same title.

It first aired on 7th April 2013 on the MBS network and has been highly acclaimed by the viewers. It has been into the limelight since its release and has acquired the most number of viewerships in very less span of time. The series has also received several awards over the years.

The plot follows the story of huge man-eating Titans, from whom humans need to be protected and are confined into great walls for protection. One day one of the Titans, enter the human world and starts to endeavor them. One of them is the mother of a soldier named Erin, who too dies. After this incident, Erin and some of his friends take the vow of freeing the world of Titans and bring back peace.

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When Is Attack On TitanSeason 4 Releasing On NHK?

Nothing has been announced regarding the release date of the third season. Season 3 was renewed back in July 2019 and it was confirmed that the upcoming season would be dropping sometime in the fall of 2020. According to inside reports, the production process has almost come to an end and is in the final editing operation.

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It is expected that the release date of the series would be soon revealed as it is already mid-2020. Although fans are wanting for more seasons after the fourth season, unfortunately, would be the last one. The creators have verified that the idea of further seasons is off the table for the time being. We hope to get further updates soon and until then stay tuned!


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