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‘Attack On Titans’ Season 4: This Characters Might Die In The Next Season


Hey you! Yes you, the one reading, let me warn you, the content ahead has major spoilers, trust my major ones. So, if you don’t like leaks, I must say you would like to stop right here and for those, who getting spoiled a bit is okay, Let the game begin!

Leading in scores in its category, no doubt Attack on Titans is one of the best anime of this era. People have witnessed how Eren and his team were able to break free themselves from the walls in 3 seasons and now are eagerly waiting to see how this amazing anime ends in the last season, Season 4.

Who all will survive?

The happiness of seeing your favourite character is beyond words. This new season will bring back Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the whole team of Commander Hange. The fun would be to see who all made alive from the kingdom of Marley.

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As we know that Season 4 would be the last whereas the manga would take a bit longer to end, so it becomes quite difficult to predict a storyline but that is for sure that there would be new titans coming to life and one of them would be The Jaw Titan.

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The chances of survival for Armin, Mikasa, Eren, Connie, Jean along with some Indians are good. Along with them, the new characters who would come in play are likely to live.

Who won’t see the next Rising Sun?

Deaths in this anime are inevitable. Honestly saying, the deaths of the favourite characters hurt, deep inside the realization of not seeing them on the screen again is pinching.

The list would be too long to pen down, These Characters Might Die In The Next Season

Firstly, the girl who amazed the trainer by eating a potato in between the training. Sasha Blouse better known as the Potato Girl, would not be amongst the one making out alive.

Second, Commander Pixis, a genius of his world known best for tactics, won’t be able to plan a new win.

Next, the cold-hearted yet the best in town and very known Captain Levi, would have his legs hanging in the coffin.

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Continuing the list looks like the Reiner would also be hanging at the death bed.

Along with those, it may be possible all the titan shifters would die, as Eren may have a plan for them and would like to continue his childhood dream of killing all the titans.

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With all this, there are chances that the secret of the three walls would come up and would shock the viewers.

The storyline is yet to come up, not exact, but this could be the closest that the plot would run on. Keep your fingers crossed for your favourite character. Let’s see who survives and who sets forever with the glowing Sun.

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