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Away Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Away Season 2
Source: Radio Times

AWAY has come on the platform of Netflix the last Friday, and many fans have already seen this series with all of its 10 episodes where the fans have explored the thrilling drama of space travel.


The show has not been yet been renewed with its second season, but the creator of the show that is Jessica Goldberg who has told the media official that there has been a big idea and a thought that what could be becoming the next, which is coming up with the idea of Space X  and also the technology company with will be finding many of the huge unanswered queries to the fans.


The fans are all clear the way Away ended at last and with the crew who have been somehow been successful and they have reached the Mars, but at the scene when they all got out of the ship, their whole new journey had anyways had started. The show has made a script that there will a mission which will be a 14-month additional with another 8-month journey back home and that says there will be a whole lot of things which will be shown.

There has been very a big query for the fans to that what the crew will find and discover in there life spent on Mars. After this, it was stated and was allover accepted and acknowledged that this hot red planet Mars was once visible as Earth and it could be supporting life on it. Therefore is it very much possible that much of life there must be still around it.

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Away: Will You Have A Season 2 On Netflix?
Source: The Buzz Paper

Herewith this remark Golberg is not telling about much about the aliens and there if they existed.

“When she is saying that life could have been there being it that he is saying something about microorganism. He does mean anything about an alien, he is assured that the show does not go anyhow in that way with the story.


With more about Goldberg and the team, it was much to the knowledge that the season one of the show  Away is all about the world’s biggest and one of the five largest space agencies who all working all under as one and which will make the humans come and survive on Mars.

She also says that she also had a view that if Away is will be receiving the fans support enough of and if there is a second season of this series which could be as of what they could continue to explore in the second season.

The story of this series Away which is all about the characters and the crews of the show as it about there traveling in the space and their journey and creator Goldberg is somehow coming up with a thought about what could happen the role s in the second Season.

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