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Baby Season 3? Netflix Release Date?

Baby Season 3
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Netflix’s show Baby was renewed for it’s third and final season last November, the second season of Baby left us with a lot of questions and curiosity, so here it is to end our curiosity with its last and final season.

Baby Season 3: About The Show

We know that Baby is a controversial Italian series which keeps us glued to our chairs while watching it, the plot revolves around the child prostitution scandal and 2 students getting into it. The real-life scandal was not known, so what the makers did? Made a series out of it, well of course to bring the scandal out and to entertain us.

Baby Season 3: When Will It Release On Netflix?

Baby season 3 is going to release on September 16, its trailer was dropped on 27 August 2020, haven’t seen the trailer yet? What are you waiting for go watch the trailer cause it reveals a lot?

Baby Season 3: Trailer

As I mentioned earlier the trailer reveals a lot, we already know that the plot is based on a true story, which makes it even more interesting. At the end of the trailer, a few scenes look like they are courtroom scenes, so for sure we are going to see a lot of police involved. The road ahead doesn’t seem easy for Chiara and Damiano, you ask why? Because in the trailer it looks like there is a scene of him with another girl.

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Baby Season 3: Cast

Well obviously Chiara, Damiano, and other main characters will be seen in this series but maybe we won’t be able to see Camilla, quite obvious right…

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