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Beastars Season 2, Netflix Release Date Announcement

Beastars Season 2
Source: The Courier Daily

Beastars is a Japanese drama fantasy manga series. The series is crafted by Shinichi Matsumi. The manga chapters are written by Paru Itagaki.


The series got renewed for the second installment by the NX on Netflix. They tweeted and confirmed this news on 17th July 2020.


If you all have watched the previous season of this anime series till its end, then you all must be aware that the second season of the show is coming.

However, the fans who are waiting for the second season to be released in 2020, will have to wait because the second season is not scheduled for premiere until 2021. The Beastars had confirmed on their official site that the season two of this might be releasing next year.

Also, if the series will release in Japan first, then the wait for the Netflix subscribers is going to be even longer. Season one of Beastars was released in Japan on 10th October 2019 and then the series arrived on Netflix on 13th March 2020.


The last season of this show had around 170 episodes of total and which is also the second season of this famous series will be also having more or like more than 90 to 97 episodes so we have an idea that there could probably be another season after this second season.
With all this news going around there has not been any sort of official announcement of the next season of this series but the fans are expecting it will all this news going around.

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The life of Haru from Shishigumi is been saved by the Legos and after that, it came to a lot closer towards the Dwarf Rabbit and there has been a lot of trouble with the prey and the predators.

The last season of this series has shown that character Legoshi who has shown its feelings to Haru but with all of this, before the duo had made a couple, the young gray wolf enough wanted to become robust and wanted to see Legoshi’s to train beside panda Gohin.

To become capable, Legoshi would naturally have to eat meat, but that isn’t an option he’ll be left with no choice but to learn more from panda Gohin. When the first season of this show has ended, it was likely to be known that character Louis was not on the board, but the latest update which can be seen was that Red Deer was conflicting with the Shishigumi.

The only query which was not solved for the fans was that in the last season of this series is who killed Tem.

The fans have the last conclusion for this that the one who killed Tem is that the killer might be a person from the drama club and is taking medication. There are few carnivores in the drama club, but we don’t know who would have killed Tem. This mystery will resolve in the coming season.

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