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Beastars: When Is Season 2 Premiering On Netflix?

The anime created by Paru Itagaki, Beastars; an extremely popular series in Japan, and Netflix taking over the series responsibility to air it out of Japan to the western audiences. For an anime, Beastars gained an amazing response from all the audiences worldwide bringing about the question- Are we gonna see a Season 2?
The answer to the most-awaited question would be YES( cheer out people). We will be witnessing the second Season of Beastars as it has been given the green light for its next season, but fans could be bummed to know that the manga might come to an end very soon as teased by the creator herself. There is a strong rumor that Season 2 might be adapting chapters 48-98 from its manga version. With the manga nearing its end lets just keep our fingers crossed that the content creators do go for a Season 3. On 5 Nov 2019 Netflix on their official twitter page indicated that they sure will be airing it out in the year of 2020- ” Guess it’s not too early to tell you it’s coming first thing 2020 then… #Beastars”
What exactly is Beastars?
A fantastic furry series forms its characters on the parallels of Zootopia, but this show is surely not for kids. It’s in line with the common adult stories featuring anthropomorphic animal characters, placing the characters in a real-life, high school teenage plot. It is a story just about how a fight between nature and nurture, instinct and rational thought and control goes.
Legoshi and Haru !
The lead character’s name pay homage of the sorts to Bela Lugosi, the Vampire. The Beast in our story is Legoshi, who is more of a kind-hearted, a rather shy and sensitive gray wolf. He is seen spending time alongside both carnivores and herbivores alike at the Cherryton School’s drama club.
On the contrary, Haru, finds a connection to others through more of a physical relation, which is an escape for her from her reality of society in which she is usually downtrodden upon with pity for the fact being such a small, fragile and presumably helpless creature.
Then there is a third character Louis, a very popular student, drama club lead, and contender for the honor of being named a Beastar. Louis is a herbivores red deer, who usually is found in the charge in very unexpected ways, standing up against fellow carnivore students and even face-off with the usually feared carnivorous criminal faction Black Market.
 Throughout the season we have surely learned a lot of the Louis past, but the development of his relation with Haru is yet to be seen when we have Juno in play as well.
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