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Better Call Saul: Season 6 On Netflix? Will There Be Another Season?

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Better Call Saul, the ultimate spin-off that Breaking Bad could ever have. In spite of Breaking Bad being such a giant, some even claim that the spin-off is larger than the original network itself. The show has been marvellously successful in airing 5 seasons. Its 5th season premiered on 23rd February and will run till April 2020. It also has plans of releasing the sixth season.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Updates

The AMC network has officially confirmed that the sixth season will be released in 2021. However, it might be the final season. The series is a prequel to the show Breaking Bad. Thus, it had limited space to expand in, that space has come to an end now. According to the network, there will 13 episodes in the sixth season which is more than the usual 10. The work on the production of season 6 is supposed to start by March.

The production companies of the series have said that this season will be the final in the series. One of the reasons being, no more extension space. The series was produced to show the complicated story of compromised hero Saul Goodman. Now the aim has almost been fulfilled.

What might happen in the sixth season of the series?

The series has already moved into the time period of events of the Breaking Bad. It looks like the transformation of Jimmy Mcgill to Saul goodman has come to an end now. The only area left to explore is the story of Jimmy in his new identity, Gene Tacavik after the events of Breaking Bad. Thus, getting to know more about the happenings in the life of Gene Tacavik. It might also cover the story of Mike and Gus Fringe. All of these suspicions will be cleared once the show is released in the year 2021.

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