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Big Bang Theory Season 13 Return Rumors! Here’s The Truth Every Fan Should Know

Big Bang Theory, Season 13 Hoax or Happening? In the last few days, we have heard a lot about the return of Big Bang Theory. However, it is too good to be true. It has a high chance of being just a rumour spread by a desperate fan.

Is it true?

I am sad to tell you that NO it is not valid. We are not going to have Big Bang Theory renewed. At least not yet. We might see another spin-off of the show after the successful release of Young Sheldon. Moreover, the actors are also not willing to continue the show after 12 successful seasons. Not just successful but very successful. Rumour has it that Jim Parsons was offered 50 million dollars to remain in the thirteenth and fourteenth seasons. Not just Jim Parsons but the whole crew was requested to stay. However, working 12 consecutive years in the show might just have taken the best out of them already for their characters. This had to end.

Future Plans of the Show?

We do not know about the plans of the show or do they even have a future or not. The only thing sure for now in the series is Young Sheldon. With its success, in coming years we can see more of it.  The show is doing very good and indeed has regained most of the fan base of the Big Bang Theory. In coming years we might see a couple of spin-offs more, but that might ruin the essence of the show. The point where the show is right now is a very satisfying point for the audience. A happy ending is what most people want, and the show has beautifully managed to give it to them.

However, any updates regarding the show will be posted soon if available.

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