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Biohackers, Season 2, Expectations And Release Date

Biohackers Season 2
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Biohackers is a german origin techno-thriller series. The series is crafted by Tim Trachte and Christian Ditter. The first season of this series was released on 20th August 2020.


Season one of Biohackers released on August 20, 2020, on Netflix. The series consists of six episodes with a runtime of 40-47 minutes each episode. Well, the creator of the show Christian Ditter or the streaming giant has not yet given any renewal/cancellation update to the fans.

However, the unexpected ending of the season first of Biohackers leaves the fate of many characters up in the air and ended the show on a cliffhanger, signaling that there’s enough story for a potential second season.

The series has received a good response from the viewers, which increases the chances of it getting renewed by the network. If it happens then we can expect ‘Biohackers’ season 2 to release in 2022, on Netflix.


  • Thomas Prenn playing the role of Niklas,
  • Luna Wedler playing the role of Mia Akerlund
  • Zeynep Bozbay playing role of Petra Eller,
  • Caro Cult playing the role of Lotta,
  • Eleonore Daniel playing the role of Heike,
  • Sebastian Jakob playing the role of Ole,
  • Jing Xiang playing the role of Chen-Lu.


Biohackers Season 1 on Netflix ended up with Mia going away from the government and receiving an email from Jasper that consolidate the completeness of the Homo Deus documents.

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Shortly, Mia has the fundamental information with her to bring down Lorenz, and she connects with an assistant named Andreas Winter (Benno Fürmann). In an absolute last twist, we saw that Winter has captured Mia and Lorenz, which adjusted the power elements for the second one portion.

In Biohackers season 2, we will see that Mia will need to settle. She’s adequate to defeat Lorenz, anyway, she’ll be confronted with the bigger picture and obscure foes.

However, Jasper wants to help Mia in this and he’s likely to be responsible for her break out in season two of Biohackers.

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