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Black Mirror Season 6: Renewed Or Cancelled On Netflix?

Black Mirror Season 6

One of the most popular British science fiction series, The Black Mirror is soon expected to come up with its sixth season on Netflix. The series has been developed by Charlie Brooker, that is based on the dystopian black comedy. It was first aired on December 4th, 2011 on Channel 4.

After the first two seasons and one special episode, the series was picked up by Netflix. The upcoming seasons were divided into two more parts that are third and fourth season, and later an interactive film, under the title Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was released. The series has received tons of positive reviews and has won eight Emmy Awards over the years.

Black Mirror Season 6: Plot

The plot revolves around contemporary topics of how human behavior is linked with technology and its effects. It has been portrayed very realistically on how technology will take over human minds shortly.

Has The Series Been Renewed For The Sixth Season?

Unfortunately, the series has neither been renewed nor canceled for the upcoming sixth season. According to the makers, they will be collaborating in other comedy centric projects, but they have not stated anything regarding the future of the series. Some of the sources have revealed that the makers are happy with the ending of the fifth season. There might be a spin-off of the characters, but there are very few chances of the series to get renewed for the sixth season. Although nothing much can be commented surely unless any official sources release a statement.

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There are possibilities that because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the decision of the renewal of the sixth season has been put on hold. After everything resumes back to normalcy gradually, maybe the series will be renewed. Until then it is off the table. We hope to get further updates soon and until then, stay tuned!

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