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Black Summer: Is Season 2 Planned At Netflix?

Black Summer is an apocalyptic fiction action-drama series. The series is crafted by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. The first season was released in April 2019. The show is produced by Jodi Binstock. The series is produced by The Asylum, the same production house company which produces Z Nation. The series is a prequel of Z Nation.

Black Summer is a miniseries by Netflix. Plus we have brought some great news about the season second installment as Netflix revive the thriller series for another season, this time the series will have eight episodes. The series was created by Karl Schaefer, who also serves as executive producer and co-creator of Z Nation.


  • Rose played by Jaime King
  • Spears or Julius played by Justin Chu Cary
  • Sun Kyungsun played by Christine Lee

The other cast list of the series second installment is not confirmed yet. But we can expect that the above characteristics will be back.


The arrival date for season 2 has not announced yet, but it is said that the production work will start in 2021 because of the coronavirus situation the production of movies and series is disturbed nearly a whole year spend under epidemics, which impacts original plans of the production houses.

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The series revolves around Rose who is separated from her daughter after the zombie attack and at the end of season one we saw that rose reunites with her daughter. We also saw that Spears and Sun are living together with Rose. Vallez is killed on his ways by Jaime King ( who plays the role of Rose). Lance is not traceable after the Zombie group attack.

We can say that the next installment will have another Zombie assault and it will be loaded with hunger, panic, paranoia.

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