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Blue Bloods Season 11: Is There A Release Date For CBS?

Blue Bloods Season 11
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Blue Bloods Season 11. After the successful release of 10 seasons, the fans and viewers of Blue Bloods are waiting for the announcement of another season of the series ‘Blue Bloods’ release on CBS.

Like all ten previous seasons of the series ‘Blue Bloods’ the new upcoming season 11 of Blue Bloods was also already scheduled to release on CBS with 22 episodes, but the production of the Blue Blood series along with many Hollywood movies, dramas, and series postponed due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

So, If you are thinking that when season 11 of ‘Blue Bloods’ is coming out for release despite all the negativity, read further for the latest updates related to Blue Bloods season 11.

The Release Date Of Blue Bloods Season 11?

After so long, here is good news that ‘Blue Bloods’ is returning back with another new season on CBS.

According to the sources, it is officially announced that the production is restarting for the upcoming web series Blue Bloods season 11 on the 6th of May 2020, and not only Blue Bloods but almost all the CBS shows will restart for shooting.

The announcement was made by the web series star Donnie Wahlberg who mistakenly leaked the news on his social media account to his fans and viewers on the 1st of May, during a conversation.

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Fans and viewers are also waiting for a return of Blue Bloods with season 11 because of its show rating and popularity among fans.

Is There Any Teaser For Blue Bloods Season 11?

There is no news relating to an official premiere of Blue Bloods season 11 by CBS yet.

According to the sources, all the premieres of previous seasons came in September so, there are chances that CBS will soon announce a premiere for Blue Bloods Season 11 in 2020.