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Bofuri Season 2: Is The Show Renewed? Here’s What We Know

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Bofuri is masterpiece in the animated fantasy world. ‘Bofuri I Don’t Want To Hurt Myself, So I Will Max Out My Defense, a light novel was written by Yuumikan, and was later rubber-stamp into the web series.

The storyline revolves around Kaede Honjo, who starts playing an online game called Maple on the insistence of his friend. As she is getting disliked in pain, she puts all her points of view in the VIT and as a result, she embarks on a skill known as unqualified Defense and embarks on a super exciting adventure life.

Bofuri Season 2 Release Update?

As we know that Bofuri will come back and without a doubt, a second season to Bofori is on its way guys. So far no official announcement or confirmation regarding its release date has been made, but the rumors around the corners suggest a fall 2020 release date for the new season. Season 1 was a huge hit, and it would be a crazy decision to cancel the show after its immense popularity, which certainly decreases the chances of its cancellation.

The first season was based on the first four volumes of the novel of the same name, a total of 9 volumes has been written so far and we believe that Season 2 will be an end for Maple’s story concluding the other remaining volumes of the novel.

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Kaede Honji as Maple

Risa Shiramine as Sally

We will get to see this main cast in the upcoming superhit season 2, so be prepared for the upcoming super hit show and wait. We will get to see it very soon.

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