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Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul Inspired Docu-Series ‘The Broken And The Bad’ Is Coming

The Broken and The Bad, the docu-series inspired by the popular shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad is a series that never gets old, it not only was popular for itself but also helped other shows gain popularity. The prequel series of the show, named, Better Call Saul and the sequel movie El Camino share their credit with the original Breaking Bad series.

Now that Better Call Saul has finished airing 5 seasons and the sixth and the last one is on its way, AMC has brought us an all-new docu-series hosted by Giancarlo Esposito, better known as Gustavo Fring.

The Broken And The Bad

On the 9th of July, AMC is set to premiere the docu-series starring Giancarlo Esposito. Moreover, there will be the marathon run of the 5th season of Better Call Saul along with the bonus content to mark the day.

It has been reported that each episode is inspired by some famous moments and characters from the show. They will be compared to the real-life situations actual incidents form the real world.

Giancarlo will explore the world of con artists, hitmen, and narcotic dealers that run such operations. With them being explored, Pablo Escobar is also expected to be named, after all, he is one of the big ones from the real world.

The show will focus more on the psychology of these people and perhaps clear its name from the list of negative influencers. It will be also featuring a story about the town in America where people with high electromagnetic hypersensitivity can live peacefully. As one of the episodes in the show did feature this condition.

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Well, whatever be the content, I am pretty sure that people will love it. After all, it has come from Breaking Bad, it can’t be bad at all.

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