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Breaking Bad Season 6: Are Those Rumors True? Is The Show Returning?

Breaking Bad, the legendary crime drama series. It has given some incredible dialogues like “Say my name” and names like Heisenberg. The show ran from 2008 to 2013 and featured 62 episodes divided into 5 seasons. If you haven’t watched it already then use this quarantine to do it. It is one of the must-watch, I tell you. If you are already a fan of the show then you must have heard the rumours of a sixth season.

Is the show returning for the sixth season?

After the fifth season of the show ended in September 2013, many fans had a lot of questions about the fate of Jesse Pinkman, the ‘Bitch’. However, recently a movie named El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie was released showing the afterlife of Jesse Pinkman. Although it had a quite satisfying ending, many fans think that it opened a possibility for a potential sixth season.

Reports claim that writers are already working on the sixth season, we might actually have it. A potential plot was also revealed according to which Jesse Pinkman would be talking the lead. It would tell the audience about what happened to Walter White’s hidden money, well, the criminals couldn’t have actually spent it all.

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Moreover, it would feature Jesse Pinkman working to reclaim the drug market of Albuquerque. Although it seems far too stretched. Walter White Jr. and Skyler are also expected to play important supporting roles. Hopes are we see her again back in the game. However, Walter White might not be seen unless there’s a flashback scene.

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When Might It Release?

The reports also claimed that Breaking Bad season 6 would begin filming as soon as the COVID-19 Pandemic has ended. Rumours are that the sixth season would release sometime in 2021. However, I think it might not be possible and the release is more likely to take place in 2022.

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