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Canada VS USA: 5 Times How I Met Your Mother Proved USA Is Better Than Canada

The very famous and loved show ‘How I met your mother’ has always been in controversy for being racist towards Canada well the show has some moments in which a person from Canada might get offended too. Five ways in which the show really proved that the USA is better than Canada.

1. When Ted Pointed out how Weird Canada is.

Ted says” you people are very weird. You pronounce the word ‘out’ oot”
Robin makes a comeback with a strong point ” the USA is the world’s leader in handgun violence, your healthcare system is bankrupt, and your country’s divided on almost every social topic”
Ted replies” your cops are called Mounties”
Man this scene was hilarious lol

2. When barney hated Canada’s money

Barney says holding Canada’s currency “ Look at this currency! one has a moose, one has a beaver, and they all have Elton John on the back”
He also added “Get real money! I don’t know what board game are you guys playing is it a joke?”

3. When Robin was visited by one of her childhood friends

Robin says “An old friend is in town. And I am meeting him for a drink.”
Barney replies “oooooh. Somebody you went to Degrassi with?!”

4. The scene in which barney puts an end to Canadian wedding jokes

Barney says “Enough with the Canadian jokes. If you want to get married in Canada just say the word. Then say it again in French.
Barney can’t get enough of Canadian wedding jokes. Can he?

5. When Marshall knew exactly how to talk to Robin about sex.

Marshall asked Robin about a friend “So, isn’t he the guy who….how shall I say this like a gentleman? Robin did he take your maple leaf”

Well, there are many more moments where the show proved that the USA is better than in Canada.

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