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Cancel Sebastian Stan, Details About The Twitter Trend

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If there is something over the internet for even once then there are chances of it never dying. Which is the mere reason that we should think twice before posting, sharing, or commenting on anything! Because it is growing like crazy and we can get caught up under some social media crimes. Well yes, something like this happened a few days back where fans are saying to cancel Sebastian Stan because of a picture of his girlfriend going viral.

Some Details About Sebastian

Fans know him from the marvel cinematic universe roles that he played amazingly as Bucky Barnes. The role is about a wet in World War II, who is the friend of Steve Rodger and got in the middle of Iron Man as well as Captain America. We know him from gossip girls as Carter Baizen. Sebastian was in news because of his rumors of dating co-stars like the Spanish actor Alejandra Onieva and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girls.

Even though his relationships were never confirmed and more like rumors in the media but we know how people react to even some smallest things and create most nuisance out of them. Something same happened where Sebastian because of a popular hashtag. Fans are following over twitter by tagging him with his girlfriend( so-called) Alejandra.

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What did Sebastian’s girlfriend do?

This whole controversy started going over the internet when at the Twitter user, named angelas550 sharing screenshot of Alejandra being dressed in a “Japanese Geisha” with a friend who is also dressed in the same way. The photo was captioned as “Asian girls.”

Because of this caption, fans freaked out and started condemning the picture because they thought it is disrespectful as well as racist and not suitable to post over the internet hurting feelings of many. This is the reason that’s science started to tag Sebastian and called out a hashtag to cancel in this result in which response Sebastian started to blocking and ignoring those tweets

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