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Carnival Row Season 2, Amazon Prime Videos Can’t Wait To Bring Back Second Season

Carnival Row Season 2
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Carnival Row, the sci-fi fantasy drama on Amazon Prime Videos. The series stars Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, and a few others. It premiered on August 30th, 2019. Amazon was so confident about its success that it had already renewed it for the second season back in July 2019.

The main story is about solving a string of murders in a city where mythical creatures are immigrants. These creatures have fled their war-torn country and taken refuge here. The growing immigrant population is creating a disturbance in the society and the social adjustment is taking away whatever the uneasy peace there was.

The Second Season To Release Soon!

We can see that Amazon is pretty excited about the show as they renewed it even before the first season had premiered. Even though it was renewed back in July the filming began in November 2019. The show requires quite a lot of pre-production work. Filming continued for a few months and was only a few weeks away from wrapping up when the pandemic hit the world and the production had to be suspended.

As of the first week of May, preparations for the resumption of the products were made. However, it hasn’t been resumed yet. Well, although the production of the complete season has not been finished, Amazon is planning to release the first five completed episodes. The rest might be shot and released by next year.

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When will Season 2 Part 1 release?

Well, seeing that the second season will be released in parts. We can call the first five episodes as Part 1.

As of now, Amazon has not dropped any release date regarding the release of these episodes. However, I guess they are in post-production already and might have a trailer release soon. At best we can say that the release could be set in November or perhaps December this year.

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