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Castlevania Season 4: Is The Anime Returning On Netflix? Release Date And Renewal Updates

Dracula being stuck in hell.. Will he do a comeback in the new season?
I surely cannot wait to see the Dark Lord back and I definitely know that the one reading this cannot wait as well.
So to all the Dracula lovers. Let see what the bloody mayhem holds for us.
As of now, Netflix has given no hints on when season 4 will be soothing our eyes out.
But there are fans who are planning to destroy Warren Ellis’s mind with there tweet…
Castlevania Season 3 goes live Thursday, only on @Netflix Extra special thanks to all the people who have been tweeting “it’s been 84 years” at me since 2018 who are now tweeting “but what about Season 4”.”
Warren says that people are asking for season 5 in “What I assume is an attempt to destroy my mind.” 
We fans will never think of so, we do want you to be sane, as we all are wishing for season 5 too. (Hehehe)
Coming back to season 4, I am willing to place my trust in Ellis’s interest and I know you too are willing the same plus in season 3 there were more than a few threads that demand new episodes.
Castlevania 4 when will it return on Netflix?
Given how beautiful and detailed the animation is on Castlevania, we totally get that it may take longer than a while for seasons to come up on Netflix compared to its other seasons.
The first two seasons had a humungous gap of 15 months followed by another 16 months for the latest run. And if this continues we could expect season 4 in 2021( very far it is ) unless Netflix does favor and renews it in the first place.
But there is one more issue to it. The executive producer Adi Shankar is currently working on the TV adaptation of the DEVIL MAY CRY video game, which may lead to a delayed production even further.
Who all will be there on the Small screen for us!
With all the Draculas and magicians around, possibly there would be some who are in the hell will probably remain in the hell, which may count The Judge, Taka and Sumi.
And now let’s see who all will be who will be back 
Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont
James Callis as Adrian “Alucard” Tepes
Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades
Theo James as Hector
Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Isaac
Jaime Murray as Carmilla
Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenore
Yasmine Al Massri as Morana
Ivana Milicevic as Striga
Bill Nighy as Saint Germain
Along with all of them, there are chances of Alucard’s parents might be back too.
What may be the storyline for season 4
Now what may come up is totally unknown though out of the hints left by season 3 we are sharing what can be the plot.
Now it may start with Alucard’s betrayal by Taka and Sumi. Following this, Dracula’s son would be ahead of his father and be far colder to humans in the future and may in start embracing his powers along with the darkness that would come with it.
Then with Hector’s enslavement, Carmilla’s plan to take over Wallachia can proceed in the upcoming season. Going to Trevor and Sypha, it is possible that they might have defeated the Dracula worshipping cult in Lindenfeld, but their future seems uncertain moving ahead the season. And believe me there won’t be anything very surprising if the Infinite Corridor they closed is re-opened in the future, allowing St. Germain and perhaps maybe even Dracula himself to do a comeback.
Promo for season 4
Now see since we aren’t magicians until it comes to play with words and the Infinite Corridor being closed we simply can’t look into the future and bring the footage for you and can’t expect the magic to happen before 2021 at earliest, else instead of this you would have surely watched the video believe me.
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