Choosing VPN Over TOR

VPN, Virtual Private Network and Tor (Onion Router) are the two most discussed systems in terms of information security. VPN and Tor operate with different mechanisms.Each system has its own Pros and Cons. In this article, we provide you with insights about both of them and let you decide which suits you better. We also give the details of the top VPN providers and the VPN deals available in the market.


VPN connects the users through a private network over the public domain using encrypted tunnels. The data transfer happens securely with enough privacy. There are dedicated VPN service providers offering these solutions. Few top VPN providers operate all around the globe so that from any part of the planet, you can connect to the VPN server and access the data.

VPN usually establishes a Point-to-Point connection using dedicated circuits and tunneling protocols over the existing public domains. This enables users to access the resources available within that private network remotely.


Tor, which is also termed as “The Onion Router”,transfers data through multi-level encryption. Tor tries to anonymize your online activity by encasing the traffic in multiple layers of the encryption, then sending it through a number of nodes.
Once you place a request in the Tor browser, it sends data to a randomly selected Tor server or node. That node receives the data, encrypts the data and sends it to the next. The next node decrypts it and add another layer of encryption and transfers to the next. This process happens on multiple layers and when the data packet reaches the destination, the final decryption happens delivering the actual information. Tor nodes can be used freely as volunteers operate them. Hackers and those who access the dark web usually access Tor.

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Why VPN is preferable over Tor:

• Accountability:

VPN is offered usually by an authorized VPN providers who will be get paid by you whereas the Tor server operators are volunteers. So, when it comes to the matter of accountability and maintenance, its suggestable to go with the VPN providers.

• Speed:

VPN is a single encrypted data transfer, which uses tunneling protocols. So, you will be directly connected to the VPN server. So, the information can be accessed very fast. When it comes to Tor, due to multi layered encryption and decryption, you encounter slow connectivity compared to VPN.

• Privacy:

When it comes to the matter of security and privacy, Governments sometimes force VPN providers for the information. Few cases where VPN providers selling the data of their clients including their IP addresses and sensitive data also been encountered. However, there are professional VPN providers who can assure you the security and privacy of the information.
On the other hand, Tor selects the nodes randomly. Until this point, Tor can be trusted but when it reaches the destination, the data fully decrypts and gets delivered. So, anyone (Government or hackers) can access the information at the exit node. There is also possibility for the random server operators can access and sell the data.
So, those who value privacy are suggested to go for the Top VPN providers who are professional and have no logging. Make sure that the VPN providers are from a nation where privacy laws are strict and suit your organization or business.

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• Surveillance:

Usually, Tor is operated by users who share and access sensitive data. So, frequent use of Tor may put you under surveillance by the Governments as deep web and dark web can be accessed through Tor. Coming to VPN, unless the provider access the data or share with others, there is no possibility of accessing and surveilling.

• Risk Factor:

Tor browser accesses Dark web (.Onion sites). Those sites are very risky and there is no guarantee on the information security. Many hackers operate via those sites may hack your IP address and create troubles. In case of VPN, the risk factor is extremely low except the logging element. As you being the authorized client, you have power to sue the provider if something go wrong.

• Protection:

VPN protects all the internet connections on the computer and the “Kill Switch” function protects from the accidental data leaks. So, the user is extremely protected in terms of user information like IP addresses and advertising. In case of Tor, websites that operate through Tor browser can only be protected and the rest can’t be under the control of Tor.

VPN along with Tor:

While going through the article, this question might have run in your mind, “What if Tor is combined with VPN and used?” The answer is, that combination deliberately slows down the speed of data transfer with both the encryptions operational.

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Between VPN and Tor, what to choose is completely on the individual and his or her situation. Those who want to send ultra-sensitive information use Tor like in case of life threatening situations. Those who prioritize their own privacy and anonymity over speed use Tor. They need to setup right infrastructure and processes making sure that no information leak happens at the exit node.
Many people and organizations use VPN as it is the provides great balance between privacy and speed, security and ease of use. Unlike Tor, there is no need for additional setup personally as all the online actions happen through the VPN IP address. The only caution while opting VPN is making sure that they have good client reviews and have “No logging” policies. Here where Top VPN providers can be trusted. They are reputed for maintaining the privacy of their clientele. They may be a little costly but are the best solution for maximum security with speed. You can find discounts on VPN service providers in many sites from which you can select the one best suits you.
We hardly fall into such life threatening situations when Tor comes into picture. Excluding that good quality, there are so many drawbacks in Tor. Hence, VPN is the better option over Tor in many scenarios.

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