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Cobra Kai: Season 3 On Netflix? YouTube Cancels Premiere

Source: Variety

Cobra Kai Season 3 Not Coming On YouTube

Cobra Kai which is absolutely the best series of YouTube and also that its last 2 seasons were bang on and because of that many persons started having an interest in YouTube again. But now YouTube has been confirmed that they will not be renewing its season3. No doubt it will be a loss for YouTube because nowadays YouTube has been not premiering any real series but all its series are scripted now.

YouTube has said that other platforms who want to broadcast Cobra Kai can buy it and as a result, Sony TV has bought Cobra Kai’s season 3 and will premiere it but as reported that they will not premiere its upcoming seasons.

Who Will Premiere It Netflix Or Hulu

It is been reported that the creators of Cobra Kai have been looking for other platforms also other than Sony to premiere its Season 3 and also that they are considering Netflix For the same. If everything Will is fine the Cobra Kai will also Premiere on Netflix.

When Is It Going To Premiere

As there has not been any official announcement regarding its premiere but if we had to guess we would say that it’s season 3 will premiere in the last of 2020 or the beginning if 2021.

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Although its trailer has not been published yet so you guys cant see it now but its trailer will be launched 1 or 2 months before it’s premiere.

That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything more about it.

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