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Coronavirus: A Bio-Weapon Developed By USA? Truth Behind China’s Viral Claims

Coronavirus: A Bio-Weapon Developed By US?

A small community of American biological weapons researchers know that in 1969, the United States had developed six war-prepared biological weapons as agents that produce anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, Q-fever, VEE, and botulism, each a fatal disease. capable of emerging in epidemics.

Additionally, the program produced staphylococcal enterotoxin B as an incurable agent. An Indian-born biologist with long research experience in America’s leading biological laboratories told Northeast Now this week that in 1969, the US biological weapons program.  He said, on condition of anonymity, citing possible implications for funding future research, that the 20 biological agents developed by the program included both hantaviruses and coronaviruses.

The first mass-produced biological weapon, the M33 cluster bomb, was directed in 1952 to work on delivery systems for the Biowonpas arsenal in the United States. The M33 sub-mission, M114 cylindrical pipe bomb-like bomb, was also completed and ready for war since 1952. The flatter rotor experimental pump was also developed during this period.

Truth Behind China’s Viral Claims!!!!

The Indian scientist claims that although the biological weapons were completely destroyed, a small stock of each developed agent was retained for ‘future research’. This included coronaviruses and hantaviruses, which have recently appeared in China during the corona epidemic.

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No one knows how the deadly virus was found in China, but biologists were unwilling to stop speculation that it has taken on the dimensions between the United States and China. Since the start of the crown outbreak, online sources put forward the claim that the virus was genetically modified.

According to the current outbreak in China is not the first to be a rumoured biological weapons attack respectively. During the SARS epidemic 2002–3, a Russian scientist claimed that the virus was a mixture of measles and mumps that can only be produced in the laboratory.

SARS is a genetic weapon developed by the United States?

Many Chinese captured this notion and speculated that SARS is a genetic weapon developed by the United States that attacks them alone. The official China Youth Daily linked a national institute of health-sponsored genetic studies in China with the United States’ genetic warfare program.

Reckless in such an intense exchange of truths, accusations and counter-accusations, it is difficult to establish how the new coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, be it an amendment or an improved version of the American biological warfare program developed in the 1960s. And if it was launched intentionally. However, it is true that the coronavirus that has put the world in serious trouble was first developed by the United States.

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