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Cursed: Is Season 2 Cancelled? Netflix Has Not Responded Yet!

Yes, you have landed over the right place to get the valid details about the show Cursed Season 2. So let’s get started.

Netflix, the popular online platform to watch different kinds of shows, movies, etc etc…is very specific towards all of its publishing series, but this time there is no official news for the renewal of the very brilliant and much-awaited show “Cursed Season 2”.


After the successful completion of Cursed Season 1, it’s the high time for the show, as many rumors are spreading all over the internet for its new season 2 renewal and it’s the release date, but officially, Netflix has made no such announcements regarding the release date of Cursed Season 2. Fans need to have the patience for the announcements of next season.

Who all can be seen in Cursed Season 2?

Well, it can be said that all those who managed to survive in Season 1, can be assumed to be present in Cursed Season 2. So, here’s the list of those characters that are expected to be seen in Cursed Season 2 :

1. Katherine Langford plays the role of Nimue

2. Devon Terrell playing the role of Arthur

3. Gustaf Skarsgard playing the role of Merlin

4. Daniel Sharman acting as Weeping Monk and Lancelot, Sebastian Armesto as Uther Pendragon

5. Lily Newmark acting as Pym

6. Peter Mullan acting as Father Carden

7. Shalom Brune Franklin as grain

8. Morgana Bella Dayne as Red Spear

9. Guinevere Matt Stokoe as Green Knight

10. Gawain Emily Coates as Sister Iris

11. Billy Jenkins as Squirrel Percival

Has the new Season 2 released its trailer?

Nope…Still not. We have to wait for the trailer.

Check our daily updates for more info.

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