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Cursed Season 2, Is Nimue Alive, Let’s Have A Theory For It

Cursed Season 2
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Talk about ferocious yet gentle, beautiful, elegant being and ill say its Nimue!! Katherine Langford is a total package of all those skills which she brilliantly showcased in cursed.

Cursed: About The Show

It is an American TV series created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The story is imagining Arthurian legend through the eyes of young girl Nimue. She is believed to have a mysterious gift that soon will make her the Lady of the Lake. Although she is powerful the series also takes a turn towards a more tragic road.

When her mother dies she finds herself a partner Arthur paid by Devon Terrell. They together are on a journey to find merlin and return an ancient sword.

Cursed Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season?

Season 1 of the series ended on a cliffhanger. We see Sister Iris played by Emily Coates attacking Nimue. With so much of mystery, we are sure there will be a season 2 for cursed!

Although it has not been officially declared by Netflix, we hope that renewal for season 2 is on its way, for we are ready with our fan theories!!

Cursed Season 2: Expected Plot

As we realize that merlin is Nimue’s father, what would be next for Nimue? He would surely come looking for his daughter and well the sword that is accompanying her. And with his newly discovered powers, he is more than dangerous.

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We also see a few complicated relations with Nimue gone. Arthur and Red Spear, the Viking Warrior may have a thing or two going on. Though the show does not mention any such thing the novel suggests her name to be Guinevere, King Arthur’s Queen.

Lastly with Nimue went will Sister Iris ascend the throne? With so much to know we are sure a second season is a must don’t you think?

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