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Cuties 2: Will The Controversial Netflix Movie Have A Sequel?

Cuties 2
Source: Variety


Director of Cuties named Maïmouna Doucouré had confirmed the media by giving an interview with Zora with all the things told about it that claimed the director to performance of award-winning, this series is all about the physical young actresses in the show. Overall news all came against the film “Cuties” on August 20 when the platform of Netflix came up with a debut poster for this film which is starring the child stars in this film with some different dance poses which are all in revealing and to be shown in the outfit.

This outrageous poster has come up with all accusations on the film with is presenting and sexualizing the stars in the film. But to all this reality of the“Cuties” which was openly criticized by the fans and the viewers with all the rules and regulations in which society had always pressured on young girls and always have been a judge with it.

With all this outrageous reaction by the viewers, Netflix has come up with an apology to the show viewers and also the inappropriate marketing of the film. The film is to be debuting on September 9 “Cuties” on the largest streaming platform and also before this all backlash and outrage in the media and all over social media, better things are to be hopped.

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Many of Netflix subscribers are twitting a lot for deleting their Netflix accounts subscription because of the “Cuties” issue which has altogether resulted in the Twitter to ho with all the hashtags against the show and they came up with a hashtag of #DeleteNetflix and also many such as #CancelNetflix which have altogether become a top trend as the outrageous reaction of fans of U.S. on this September 10. The renewal of the show came up with a backlash and fans critic which have forced Netflix to issue an official statement in media which have defended the film.


Cuties’ is all about the social voice which is against the sexualization of young small children in the society, said by one of the representatives of Netflix. He also said that this film is a well-known award-winning film and it has a good and powerful impactful story which give huge pressure on all those young girls who are anyhow in whichever way face in social media and also in every aspect of the society at the there growing time.

But with all this keeping aside we much not practice such things and we must encourage anyone and everyone who cares about these important issues of the society and to which we must watch this movie for such sake.

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No, there is no official news about the next installment of Cuties yet, as the first season received so many backlashes by the US public now it is totally up to the makers and the streaming network.

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