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Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season 2? When Will It Release? Netflix Premiere Updates

Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance is a fantasy series. It is a modern adaptation of a film released in 1982 of the same name. This fantasy web series is directed by Louis Leterrier. The adventures story of this fantasy series is set on a fictional planet Thra where a flourishing race of Gelfling is under threat from the evil dark forces and a group of Gelfling started a war against those monstrous lords.

The début season of this adventure web series was released in the month of August last year. It had a total of ten episodes. Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance has achieved instant success. It was viewed by a huge number of audiences. Critics have also appreciated this fantasy web series as it did not bend the story far from being recognized from the original plot of Dark Crystal film.

It has been more than ten months to the release of Season 1 of this series and fans have started predicting various things about the possible upcoming season of this show.

Will There Be Season 2 Of Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance?

So far, the makers have not updated us about any future development of this fantasy series. Usually, Netflix renews a début series for more seasons after seeing the success and potential of Season 1. But this time even after 10 months, Netflix has not renewed this adventure series for Season 2.

Although, everything is not bleak about the future prospect of this fantasy series. A media outlet has quoted the developer Jeffrey Addiss saying, “have a concrete document for Season 2.” He even said that they are ready.

When Season 2 Will Come Out?

In the absence of any official confirmation, it is hard to predict the release date of Season 2. But it is obvious to assume that even at its earliest, Season 2 of Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance will not come out before 2021.

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